WordPress SEO Tools Your Business Needs

The best plumber can’t do much without his tools and neither can you. SEO is an ever-changing game and if you run a WordPress website, you need the WordPress SEO tools to stay relevant. Here are a few tools to help get ahead of the pack.

WordPress SEO Tools

When choosing SEO plugins, take into consideration what you need and how much you are willing to spend. While there are powerful tools, you may not need them for your business.


Considered by many to be one of the best SEO plugins, Yoast offers several beneficial tools. It combines many tools into one massively useful SEO powerhouse:

  • Readability checker to make it easier to read your content.
  • Social media manager to control how your page is shared on websites like Facebook and Twitter
  • A keyword optimizer so you can see which keywords work best for your business.

It has many more features as well. There is also a premium version for even more tools. At $89 per site, it is very affordable to handle a business or multiple blogs.

Google Keyword Planner

Who knows better than the people hosting your content? Google Keyword Planner is made for Adwords advertisers to see how well keywords perform.

By testing out different keywords you can narrow down and refine the searches you need for your business. If one keyword doesn’t work, keep trying until you find what gets you the most views.

It also shows you how much you’ll need to bid for a specific keyword. That way you can determine if a really good keyword is worth the price or if you can make do with another one.

All in One SEO Pack

Similar to Yoast, the All in One SEO Pack offers several tools at an affordable price. For $57 you get premium support or you can get a business or unlimited license for support for more sites.

It has:

  • The option to automatically or manually generate meta tags
  • Support for 57 languages
  • Support for Google Analytics and AMP
  • Nonce security built-in

It is also beginner friendly. But advanced users can get much more use out of it.


A simple tool with big benefits, TinyPng allows you to save space on your website by reducing the file size of pictures. It only works on PNG and JPG files but most people use those anyway. While it may not seem important at first, saving bandwidth and increasing website load speed helps retain visitors.


If you want the tools from All in One but don’t want to pay, check out SEOPress. It has many of the same features, like support for Google Analytics and the ability to create XML and HTML sitemaps.

You might not have as much support or as many of the fancy tools as All in One or Yoast but if you’re strapped for cash SEOPress could be enough for you.

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