The Power of SEO – Utilizing Google Algorithms

What SEO means to every business owner today, is as important as reading and writing to our ancestors.

Every SEO agency springing up with new black and white hat techniques of appeasing the latest algorithm of the great and powerful god of searches google. Many companies have spent time and money purchasing backlinks and back-linking services only to have google degrade their ranking upon discovering the true nature of many ‘backlink farm’ web sites. Google wants to see high ranking backlnks, new content regularly, internal links, keywords in headings and titles, outbound links, images alt tagged and consistency of content in meta data relative to actual page content. Oh and it also likes fast loading pages, mobile pages with AMP (accelerated mobile pages project), xml site maps submitted and domains that are paid up years in advance.

Most businesses do not have the time to learn how to produce a good blog, a key element in organic SEO.

In fact google list of algorithms is as extensive as it is rapidly changing with names like google penguin, google panda, google payday, google pirate, google pigeon, google emd, google top heavy, google mobile friendly, and last but not least google hummingbird. Each algorithm addresses a certain issue that google feels need special attention. It’s almost as if google’s every algorithmic decision directly effects the livelihoods of anyone who has an online business, in all actuality scratch the almost because that is exactly the situation.

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There are many rumors currently of criminal and anti trust charges pending against google, facebook and others who have flown laughing in the face of monopoly laws for far too long. The information from the grapevine is that they are going to be broken up, as absolutely no private company should ever have that kind of power. Think of insiders who have knowledge of google’s algorithmic changes ahead of everyone else in the industry. They have the power that can make or crush lives and fortune 500 companies. In the meantime all of us who are not the brother in law of a google founder must learn to navigate through a turbulent and highly monopolized landscape of SEO competition to please google and therefore be find-able online.

With that knowledge in mind, understand that organic SEO is an ever changing science.

Understand that your competitors may be spending hundreds of dollars a day just developing content, back links and other SEO beneficial elements of their web site. Out of the millions of results that are retrieved during a google search, the statistics show if you are not on or very close to the first page of search results on google, you may as well not exist.

This is where real, well written content can be your most valuable tool in the game of showing google that your site is an awesome site. The top blogs today, which are content marketing business, earn millions per month from the ads clicked on by their readers. Blogging is a business, and a lucrative one that can be an invaluable added factor to any kind of business’ web site period.

Most businesses do not have the time to learn how to produce a good blog. As you might have guessed from the above mentioned information creating a well ranking blog page is easier said than done. Third party content producers who offer SEO optimized content as a service are often employed as a means to solve this conundrum. Our company offers just such a service. Our content producers are all experienced writers, native English speakers and have a passion to drive interest for their work and for the success of the business owners who they produce content for.

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